Pop of Color


March-May 2019

Westfield Broward Mall
8000 W Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL 33388

Celebrating this Spring season through the colorful and playful compositions of Pop-Art artist Arianna Tascione.

Presented in partnership with Westfield Broward Mall. All works on display is available for purchase and sales support the individual artists and our local cultural community.

Arianna Tascione, known as PositivityAry, is an emerging Italian Pop artist, fashion designer, and architect. She received a Master’s Degree in architecture at the University of Pescara, Italy, in 2016. During college, she realized her talent in visual art when for a class, a professor asked her to do a virtual world. She made a graphic collage using Times Square as a basis and clippings of images. She never stopped creating her virtual world and more since she discovered her talent. In July 2016, she moved to the United States to realize her dream, which is to live creating her art. She started to work in an architectural firm in West Palm Beach, where she lives. After a few months, she decided to quit and start over creating her collection of art. She also added to the art a passion for fashion design. She designed her clothes to match with her art. Her mother who is an Italian seamstress, make the clothes for her. Her vision is also to create her own brand. She decided to live only to create.

The Art is a virtual world where different kinds of art exist together: from the David of Michelangelo to the Balloon Dog of Jeff Koons. The iconic sentence: “The secret of art is love” of  Antoine Bourdelle became a question to emphasize this concept.

In The Dreamers, we can find an allegory meaning about our fear to risk certainty for uncertainty to thus follow a dream.

The Cans is an iconic by Andy Warhol. The unrealistic idea is to imagine that it is possible to buy a can of whatever you want.