Application to Teach at ArtServe

Thank You for your interest in teaching a class at ArtServe.

ArtServe is always open to hearing from professional artists and arts educators who would like to become instructors and we are pleased to offer a variety of spaces for education programs for children and adults. We work with professional artists and instructors to present one-day and multi-day workshops and ongoing weekly classes.  As ArtServe is an arts incubator, we welcome artists of all levels, from seasoned professionals to first-time instructors an opportunity to teach their passions at ArtServe. But, please note, in most cases the instructors that teach on our facility are independent contractors and are responsible for the lesson planning, marketing and financial responsibility of their educational programs.

If you think you’d enjoy being an instructor at ArtServe you can submit an instructor application. This lets us learn more about you, your practice, and asks for a simple course proposal. The most successful course proposals are those that complement but don’t compete with what’s already in our vision/mission.  We don’t always have the room to bring on new instructors, but we always enjoy giving an opportunity to those who want to share their knowledge and love of the Arts with others.

Part of the application process is submitting a curriculum,  should you need any assistance in developing a curriculum and lessons plans, please contact for assistance.  ArtServe will be offering courses in the very near future to help with these important items.  To view a sample curriculum, please CLICK HERE

Please Complete:

Other Information

-ArtServe may make a background check

-Teachers must have student sign liability waiver exempting ArtServe from damage claims, physical injuries, stolen items….

-Teachers is expected to behave in accordance with the highest standards of morality, honesty, fair play and sportsmanship and will not do anything which shall be detrimental to tenants, staff, clients, and children…..

-Teachers should never criticize other teachers with other students, or teacher as well as ask their student to instead attend your classes.  Complaining to another person will not do you any good in the long run. As my mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”

-ArtServe will assist on the promotion of your class via our website, however we strongly urge you to have a marketing plan in place before committing to a schedule

-Instructors are responsibly for paying for scheduled class time if not canceled at least 72 hours in advance. To make sure that the ArtServe facility is being used to it's maximum capacity, teachers who cancel 3 classes in around or 4 classes within a 2-month period, may be asked to remove their classes from the ArtServe schedule