Colored Pencil Drawing and Painting with Galal Ramadan

Fine tune your skills in
Colored Pencil Drawing and Painting

Class Description

1- Introduction to colored pencils & surfaces
2- Mix colors and understand color theory
3- Techniques of layering, blending & textures
4- Transfer drawings, sketching & elements of design
5- Create reflections and transparency
6- Achieving expressive effects

MEDIUM: Pencil and Painting
LEVEL: All Levels
DAY: Wednesdays  TIME: 6 PM – 8 PM

COST: Contact Instructor for Class Information

INSTRUCTOR: Galal Ramadan
(786) 587-3990

Very experience teacher. Sincere and dedicated. I enjoyed the course. (Shirly Zielske, Boca Raton Art Club, 3/14/2019)
Precise instructions and good material handout. I enjoyed sharing the experience. 3/14/2019
Patient, effective, encouraging and organize. Simon, 3/24/2019
I enjoyed the workshop. Shirley Weitz, Boca Raton Art Club, 3/24/2019
Excellent preparation and instructions. Fun class. 3/24/2019
Fun class. Best art workshop I ever did. Lynda Beder. Boca Raton Art Club, 314/2019


Galal Ramadan is a self-employed graphic designer and marketer. He is award winning self-taught colored pencil artist. He was born and raised in
Alexandria, Egypt and now resides in Boca Raton, FL. He participates in solo and in various juried group exhibitions. He is teaching colored pencil classes
and workshops at several locations in Broward and Palm Beach counties, Florida. He is an active member of several national and international art associations.