Liora Davis / Painting (all media)

Class Description

A painting class where you are free to work in any 2d media. Bring your own supplies, and prepare to explore your creativity, hone your technique, use of color, and composition. This class welcomes oil painters, acrylic artists and watercolorists, mixed 2 d media, pastel artists, etc. Liora has worked in all of the above . Creativity is encouraged, along with guiding students to find their unique voice. Subjects can vary from completely abstract to realism and everything in between.

Advanced students choosing to work on their own projects, with coaching and critique are welcome. A relaxed atmosphere focusing on the creative process, treating the artist soul gently. Beginners are welcome.

MEDIUM: Painting (all media)


DAY: Wednesday    TIME: 1:00pm – 4:00pm





Liora embodies the rare combination of extremely gifted artist and exceptionally effective teacher.  Her individualistic style is reflected  both in her own artwork and in the intuitive way she fosters her students.  She builds confidence through her gentle and expert guidance, something I especially appreciate having had negative experiences with art classes in high school…I enjoy expressing my creativity through painting more and more, and see my own growth.  It’s amazing what the right teacher can do!Kathy G

I love the fun, relaxed, unstructured flow of the class.  Each of her students works on a piece that speaks to her/him, and Liora acts as an encouraging guide through the process of drawing, composition, color mixing and painting…whatever the student needs at the time.  Not only is Liora a gifted artist herself, but she is also a gifted teacher.  With her patience and encouragement, I have progressed so much. I look forward to my time in Liora’s class each week and would recommend her classes to anyone who is interested in growing in the arts - Terrie G