March 12 | 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Unleashed Alchemy Workshop

Join us for self-love, body positive art experience guided by Melissa Vlahos

 Unleashed Alchemy combines therapeutic art and somatic elements from Unleashed by understanding, identifying and embodying emotions as energetic feelings, sounds or colors in the body. Participants have the opportunity to enliven this relational experience by using self-applied body paint as a tangible means of expression.

 Stagnation is a woman’s kryptonite; movement and expression are our superpowers! Access new ways of living as your highest self. With expressive movement we gain access to higher, healthier states of being; we become empowered in our connection to self; we create greater clarity and awareness of what is yearning to be Unleashed.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will learn and embody methods you can easily adapt to your daily life for more ease and greater awareness of your inner landscape. Unleashed Alchemy workshop will support you to:

-Reduce stress & tension
-Reset your autonomic nervous system
-Create a healthy dialogue with your inner critic
-Feel the vibration of sound to assist the clearing and balancing of emotions
-Access better sleep and happier, healthier states of being with less anxiety

 With the intent to come into deeper attunement with your body’s intuition and to Unleash and heal emotional, physical and spiritual wounds, I will guide and move with you through somatic experiencing of:

 -connecting to bodily sensations
 -expressing with sounds and words
-visualizing color emotions
-free form movement
-breath practices

 Workshop with an alchemizing sound bath

This is a by-donation workshop and it's open to ages 13 and up. No yoga or dance experience necessary

 There will be NO nudity during this workshop

Come experience an empowered artistic journey of self-love for individuals identified as a woman!


About Melissa Vlahos

Melissa Vlahos specializes in therapeutic arts as a painter, photographer and dancer, trusting in the transformative power of these to heal. She passionately weaves a holistic approach to these and transmutes her personal discoveries by guiding, inspiring and empowering people. Her art reflects a belief that self-expression is a must in life and can create positive shifts for one’s self that can ripple out into society.

Determined to shift the paradigm to women harmoniously supporting, inspiring and empowering one another, Melissa has devoted herself to this by guiding women to unleash their intuitive power, full creative expression and connection to their authentic voice. Art, dance, meditation, somatic experiencing, drumming, womb wellness, circling, inquiry work and other healing modalities are the gifts she shares to help women reclaim their true selves.

Melissa Vlahos studied at Youngstown State University in Ohio and majored in Visual Art and Multi-Age Licensure in Art Education receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Education in 2009. She taught high school art and also private art lessons to a wide range of ages and abilities. Vlahos’ artwork has been exhibited twice in the U.S. Embassy in Greece as well as galleries and juried shows in Athens, Greece, Ohio and Florida.

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