Foster Park Wall Murals - Call to Artists


  • The City of Hallandale, in partnership with ArtServe, is seeking proposals from artists for the painting of mural walls at Foster Park located at 609 NW 6th Ave, Hallandale Beach.
  • The City is currently accepting applications from artists skilled in visual arts (murals).
  • The preferred artist(s) will have an extensive background in street art with proven results in public spaces, civic and community engagement to create innovative temporary public art project(s). Documentation that demonstrates experience must be provided.
  • Proposed art should: promote the general view of the City of Hallandale as a focal point for South Florida culture, creativity and entrepreneurial energy; encourage future public/private partnerships between local arts and culture initiatives; generate awareness of and attract support for the City of Hallandale; and improve the overall aesthetic appearance of Foster Park


  • The City of Hallandale, in partnership with ArtServe, proudly presents a mural project which will enhance and elevate the community through the arts.
  • The Foster Park mural area is composed of 20 walls, each of which are 6’ tall.
  • Each mural must cover the entire surface of the wall, from the ground to the fascia, approximately 6’ high and approximately 12’ total width.
  • Artists should be aware of the potential impact to murals from salt, weather, and fading from the sun. They should ensure the use of outdoor paint and appropriate coating and sealing.
  • Through this Call to Artists, ArtServe intends to enrich the aesthetic landscape and cultural experience for residents and visitors of the City of Hallandale. A number of individual artists or teams may be selected to independently paint assigned sections of the wall. The murals should be reflective of the City of Hallandale and the wonders of nature and South Florida’s coastal address and environment.
  • ArtServe shall consider the Selection Criteria in reviewing and selecting all proposals for the Foster Park Wall Murals Project. Artists may be selected based upon wall availability.
  • Murals must utilize the entire available space and/or spaces as assigned.
  • The City of Hallandale will prepare the wall prior to commencement of mural project work with a pressure cleaning and basic white paint for the project surface. Electricity may not be available at the site. If artists require electricity or other accommodations, requests may be considered on a case by case basis. There is no guarantee that these requests will be fulfilled.
  • There will be a total of five (5) mural artists selected – each of which will be assigned four spaces.
  • Artists who submit an application will be required to include in their submittal the project title, “Foster Park Wall Murals” and other details as required by ArtServe.


Each artist will be paid a total of $4,000 with a 50% deposit paid at the time of contract and the balance paid at the conclusion of services rendered. Each artist is required to submit an approved W9/Vendor registration and fully executed Artist Agreement.


Finalists will be selected in September 2019 with a detailed project schedule to follow.

Project Application

  • If different than Legal Name
  • Describe the conceptual basis for your practice and approach including how you envision approaching the project. Include experience working with murals and painting. Maximum length: 300 words.
  • Include degrees held, a summary list of public art projects, exhibitions completed during the past ten (10) years, awards, catalogues, current gallery affiliations, grants/fellowships and experience in working with multiple agencies including public agencies. Maximum length: two (2) pages.
  • Include images of completed art works or projects (up to ten images). Suggested file size is 1920 pixels on the longest side submitted as a JPG.
  • Submit your proposal here
  • Artist agrees that artwork will become the property of, and owned by the City of Hallandale upon completion. Artist(s) shall also agree to waive all proprietary rights to, and ownership of the visual art.
  • Artist must acknowledge the following: the information submitted is truthful and accurate to the best of Artist’s ability and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the referenced Call to Artists for the “Foster Park Wall Murals”; the funds provided by the City of Hallandale for this visual arts project will be utilized for the purpose of creating murals for public purpose and viewing; that the Artist(s) have no conflicts of interest, including, but not limited to familial or financial relationship with elected or appointed officials and/or employees of the City of Hallandale; any such conflicts may disqualify Artist from participating. Artist agrees that he/she will keep clear and navigable without obstructions while the work is being performed on or near the sidewalk and any public pathways adjacent to the Artist’s assigned section of the Foster Park Mural Wall Project.