Dear Friend,

Many of us have been deeply and personally affected by the pandemic, including our arts community.

We need your help to safeguard our area's creative economy.

For more than 30 years and as one of the nation's original arts incubators, ArtServe has been supporting South Florida artists and creatives of all backgrounds to ensure, amplify and facilitate their contributions to our vibrant arts ecosystem.

More than 2,000 artists and dozens of nonprofit arts organizations will benefit from your gift.  Your contribution allows us to continue providing important resources to our arts community, including low- or no-cost work space, professional development workshops, marketing support and so much more.

Some initiatives that will be supported by your donation include:

  • Exhibitions and performances that highlight contributions from local artists
  • Research projects that test the power of the arts to reduce school violence
  • Residencies and fellowships that support artists tackling contemporary social justice issues

With your support, we can preserve a bright future for the arts in South Florida.

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With your generous support, we can be resilient and preserve a bright future for the arts in South Florida.

Won't you please help us ensure the arts remain a vital part of our life beyond coronavirus?

On behalf of the thousands of artists, students, patrons and participants who will benefit from your gift, we’re sending you one hundred strokes of color, a thousand bright melodies and one million grand jetés!