Holly Harris

Holly [Mercier] Harris a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A long time Florida resident, she recently moved to Fort Lauderdale where she was re-introduced to the art that she loves. Holly is a practicing interior designer specializing in hospitality and high-end residential interiors and has recently begun painting again after many years allowing life to set another course. She has exhibited at several FAT Village Art Walks as a featured artist and is looking forward to embracing the art community.

Harris’ artwork is emotionally driven and often stimulated by music, conversation and everyday observances. With an intentional obscurity, the viewer experiences the piece for themselves and responds based on their emotions. She draws from what speaks to her and although she may have a basic idea of what she envisions on the canvas, Harris often allows the first strokes of her brush to take her on an unintentional journey.

George Gadson

George Gadson, Duke University graduate and native of the southern town of Ft. Meade, Florida, discovered his talent for art in 1981 while in search of creative relaxation from the rigors of a demanding banking career. He quickly became enamored by the insight, enchantments, and spiritual empowerment the experience of art making allowed him.

Since then Gadson’s art career has flourished. He’s been commissioned to create artworks for many high profile events and individuals. In 2008 he was invited to create an ornament for the White House Christmas tree. For the 1995 and 1999 Super Bowls he created commemorative bronze sculptures given to the National Football League team owners aptly named “The Quarterback” and “The Kicker.”

Prompted by inspirations from his surroundings, elements of nature, found objects, and even cast shadows in a dimly lit room, his works convey different aspects of life, often expressed in abstract or figurative sculpture and photography, with an underlying spiritual message that seeks to reconnect the human spirit with its Creator.

Lori Pratico

Lori Pratico was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she began her artistic career as a billboard artist during a time when billboards were still climbed and painted. Self taught, this hands on experience in an industry that required raw talent and plain guts was invaluable, and also pushed Lori to explore ideas and techniques that were both non-traditional and experimentative in her artwork.
Lori paints portraits that are fresh and modern. The people she portrays are real people who celebrate life and dare to be different.  Lori is an active member of the South Florida Artist Association, the National Association of Professional Women, and the Portrait Society of America. She believes in giving back to her community through herself and her artwork. She recently helped facilitate ArtServe’s Eco-Art Therapy program at the Sunset School in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which services children and young adults with emotional and behavioral disabilities. She also lead a team of artists at the Coral Springs Museum of Art with their Kaleidoscope program which brought hands on art activities and a museum experience to local autistic children. Lori credits her success solely on the efforts of her grade school and high school teachers who encouraged her to continue making and expressing herself through art, and hopes to make the same difference in the lives of local youth.
Artist Statement
My artwork is inspired by those who dare to be different. My paintings are often of women with tattoos, or brightly colored hair, but more importantly women who have chosen to be happy with themselves despite what labels society has placed on them. When painting a portrait I reach for the inside of a person. I know if I get the inside right the outside will simply fall into place. In a world where everyone is in a hurry I’m asking you to pause. My portraits challenge you to look closer, look longer and see differently.

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