Playback theater is an original form of improvisational theater practiced all over the world, developed by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas, in which audience or group members tell stories from their lives and have them enacted on the spot. Playback uses improvisation, storytelling, movement, and music in a unique form that brings people together, blending artistic and theatrical form with social connection and action.

If you are drawn to creative expression, therapeutic arts, community building, and developing spontaneity - this class is for you!

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"My passion is theatre/improv so I was intrigued when I saw a workshop for Playback Theatre. In the spiirt of loving all things theatre, and pure curiosity, I took one workshop with the incredibly talented and quite genius Judy Freed and was hooked. If you love the essence of what theatre does for the heart and soul, you too will fall in love with Playback. Playback honors the precious gift of a shared story by playing it back authentically. Stories move us, make us feel, make us think and bring growth to who we are. Stories connect us to each other because no matter what story is told, we can always somehow relate. Playback performs stories, not from a memorized script or cleverly created reality of "yes and" but by actors deeply listening to a tellers story. " -Lorianne Porcelain, Improvisational theater artist

“Working, learning, and playing with Judy is a joy as she combines great compassion and a knowledge of the human psyche with childlike joy. Anything she does, she brings her best.” —Sandy Freid, M.Ed.

" I am a local actor and very much enjoyed working with Judy for several months in the Southeast Florida Playback Theater group. It helped me stretch myself as an actor and helped me develop non- verbal skills of communication. Judy is a great facilitator and very supportive and nurturing. She provides a safe place to explore and a place where one is not be afraid to be vulnerable. Playback Theater is a great venue that can touch and bring healing to audience members. During a Playback performance, the audience participates and sees their souls bared through the actors on stage. It is a unique experience and I’m grateful that I was able to be part of this experience. " Richard Forbes, Actor