When we think of rock and roll, we think electric guitars, amplified sounds, and intricate styles of play, but what if I were to tell you rock and roll would not have existed without an African influence.

Beginning in the Mississippi Delta, the Blues music came into existence expanding to areas of Memphis, St Louis, Chicago and England inspiring Guitar legends such as BB King, Chuck Berry , Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

Cadillac Knights pays tribute to performers such as: Eric Clapton, BB King, Carlos Santana,Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry,Jimmy Page and Prince. There is also an unplugged session which includes a special tribute to Greg Lake(of Emerson,Lake and Palmer) and Glen Campbell. The goal is to also revealing a certain history of music to enlighten audiences about uniquely American musical genres including Blues,Country,Latin, Folk and Rock Music while retaining our on unique energy and appearance.

Cadillac Knights. The Ultimate Guitar Legends Show.

Thursday, October 24th | 8pm
ArtServe's Larsen Auditorium