Display your work & perform throughout South Florida

In keeping with ArtServe’s mission to help artists “turn their art into business,” ArtServe’s Artistic Referral Service develops partnerships with commercial properties, corporate businesses, interior designers and yachting professionals that allow artists to showcase their talents on their premises in return for compensation and exposure.  Through this service, ArtServe member art can be seen at organizations like the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, in corporate headquarters including the Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, and in hotels such as the Atlantic Hotel & Spa.

Performers and entertainers are also included in the Artistic Referral Service, as many organizations, venues and groups seek the guidance of ArtServe in finding creative new outlets for affordable entertainment.

“When we moved to our new corporate offices, we had a lot of wall space to fill quickly with a very limited budget. We were committed to featuring local artists, but had to be sure the quality met our high standards. ArtServe found the ideal artists, and the flexibility of the program allows us to change the art work frequently.”

– Lois Marino, BBX Capital

Artists and performers who wish to have have portfolios considered for inclusion in the program should contact Sophie Bonet at SophieB@artserve.org.

Businesses looking to establish an Artistic Referral Service partnership with ArtServe can contact Hal Axler at hala@artserve.org.

ArtServe Partners include

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