ArtServe firmly believes that collaborations truly equal success for all. Combine forces with ArtServe to help your initiatives go farther, or get launched faster.  Pooling resources in a variety of ways helps everyone maximize limited resources. Collaborations include:

Collaborative Media

Full page ads are placed by ArtServe in key publications throughout the season which can be shared with other organizations. Commit to a set schedule for inclusion in these ads to help supplement your typical ad buys, and garner you more visibility.

Venue Signage

Showcase your organization on Sunrise Boulevard! ArtServe’s high traffic location and 10 foot windows provide daily exposure to over 55,000 vehicles.  As part of mission, ArtServe members are given the opportunity to purchase signage at this location on a space-available basis.

Program Partnerships

Have a cultural program to launch, but need an affordable, convenient venue? Applying for a grant, but need a source of marketing and visibility support?  Looking for a one-day activity for your non-profit group? Working on a fundraiser for your civic group and want to joint partner with another group? ArtServe forms collaborative partnerships with groups throughout the County. In support of our fellow cultural groups and non-profit organizations, we will work together to help us both achieve more.

To propose a collaborative partnership with ArtServe, contact

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