The “AFFIRMATION ” exhibition, on view throughout the main facility, features the work of five celebrated emerging artists working in a variety of mediums and styles, yet united by their passion for using art to lift spirits.

Presented in partnership with ArtServe, all work on display is available for purchase, and sales support local artists and the cultural community.

Featured Artists
Thabiti Harris | Kalunda Hilton | Marion Holmes | Mel | Will Simpson


Art has been Thabiti’s passion since he was young. He was compelled by the idea of using art as a means of creative expression and his positive, collaborative spirit has been manifested through his art over time. His style can be described as realism, but Thabiti claims it evolves from a dream state. With precise attention to detail, vibrant coloring and unique imagery, Thabiti’s work connects with all who are exposed to it.

A painter since childhood, Marion Holmes is a native New Yorker who owned her own menswear design and marketing company for 30 years in the heart of midtown Manhattan. She has created design concepts for brands such as Dockers, Wrangler, Ron Chereskin and Umbro Sportswear. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Essence, Black Enterprises, Daily News Record and Menswear magazine. A graduate from Cooper Union and New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, she resides in Florida where she is still painting.

The dazzling young artist Kalunda Hilton sees such splendor in Mother Nature that a fledgling sapling, a gentle brook, or even our heavenly bodies compel her to transform their embodiments as an integral part of her very existence. Whether she sketches, paints, constructs a collage, or photographs an inspiring object, it is ever altered into a work more glorious than the original.

A self-taught, Afro Caribbean artist, Mel works in mixed mediums. He enjoys exploring art as a whole and avoids having a single style. As he ponders the philosophical and social mysteries of the universe he translates those mysteries in my own artistic language. Mel believes art opens a new world of imagination, giving some peace, love, hope, sorrow, respite from pain or any other variety of emotions that makes us who we are and expresses our humanity through art.

Since the age of 11 Will Simpson has had a love of art after being Inspired by watching his older brother Darin draw. Darin gave him a pencil and paper, and told Will to draw what he sees. He’s been doing that ever since. Involved in live-painting events around South Florida, Will’s work has been exhibited in the Midtown Art Business Center and Studio 5 Ten in Lauderhill. A supporter of giving back to the community, Will donates paintings to fundraisers and speaks to students about painting and pursuing his passion in the arts.